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Our Programs

Quran Program for children

To preserve and protect the faith of our children and give them the opportunity to learn the essentials of Quran recitation, memorize, and Islamic education, thus training them to be our next generation of leaders of our Ummah.  The BEST alternative to full time Islamic school.

  • Provide a fun, interactive Islamic learning environment, enabling the child to flourish based on his/her capabilities and personality.

  • Develop proper character (Tarbiyah) for the child.

  • Enable the student to recite and memorize the Quran, utilizing traditional methods paired with modern technology.

  • Enable the student to read the Quran properly, utilizing a mix of Nour Al Bayan and Nawrani methods.
  • Help build the child’s Muslim identity.

  • Fun, structured, and accountability based approach ensures child progresses and retains information

Quran Program for adults

Tajweed and Qiraa’ah is designed for sisters and brothers who wish to become fluent in reciting the Quran in accordance with the rules of Tajweed and their application. Sisters and brothers will be taught the rules of Tajweed and how they are applied whilst being consistent in their application.

  • Beautify your Qur’anic recitation with the Tajweed knowledge.

  • Designed to train adults to learn the rules of Tajweed from basic to advanced levels.

  • Best possible classroom experience with individual attention from Sheikh Mokassabi.

  • Our sisters and brothers won’t only fine-tune their recitation, they will develop new love of reciting the Qur’an InshaAllah.

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